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bless your boobs! 2 yogic tools for breast cancer prevention for men & women


1)  i modify ‘bundle roll’ for a robust breast cancer prevention exercise

bundle roll with the arms up over the head – as you roll around in each direction, subtly adjust the upper torso, consciously positioning all the areas of the chest/breasts/ribcage/lymph and especially the armpits! to be in contact with the carpet –  you will get a good, deep massage (like a rolling pin)

the movement is propelled by the hips and the navel center

the bigger the area you have to roll around on, the better.  If you are working in a small area, roll from your back, around one side and to the front, fully rooting to mother earth on your belly, then return to your back and reverse sides – keep going (this is not about flopping; it’s a deep, squeeze and kneading of the tissues you’re wanting to feel)

after a while, bring your arms down to the sides and continue to roll to either side.  then, put the arms back up over the head.  continue rolling

1-3 minutes of bundling.  to finish, it’s very important to rest on your back and feel it (feels especially good if your carpet has a high pile).  hang out with all the sensations and bless your breasts

i also found this exercise is a great way to get a free neck adjustment

2)  bowing ‘jaap sahib’, with the arms in yoga mudra, is good for the breasts,  too

in rock pose, your hands are clasped behind the back and the arms are stretched back and lifted up – way-opening up the chest/breast/ribcage/lymph areas.  each time you bow, the breasts are compressed and massaged by your thighs

for woman, i recommend you do this exercise without a bra on, especially without inserts or an underwire.  try it wearing your bra and then with just an undershirt – you’ll feel the difference and know what to choose

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