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another relapsing polychondritis survivor who had all their mercury fillings removed – wherefore art thou?


i just found this old post from someone i don’t know: they submitted it on Feb 18, 2012 –  i sure wish i could find them! 

here’s their comment:

I am living proof that this information about mercury amalgams is accurate!!

I was diagnosed with a VERY rare autoimmune disease called Relapsing Polychondritis several years ago. Apparently, there are only 400 people in the world that have this disease. I went to an autoimmune specialist at Rush Univ. who suggested I go on steroids and chemotherapy agents to help control the inflammation and the pain. This was NOT an option for me.

I was then on a mission. I was referred to a physician in Hawaii from a friend. She took a very extensive history and focused on my mouth and the fact that I had 3 root canals. I thought she was crazy. She told me to have a cavatat ultrasound of my gums and it would show if I had any areas of inflammation around my root canals. I live in Chicago and could not find ONE dentist who had this machine! I had to drive west of Milwaukee and found a dentist who did it for me. I saw for myself how bad the ultrasound looked. I was referred to a dentist in Huntley, Il.

He saved my life!! He extracted all of my root canals and removed all of my mercury fillings. Within 4 weeks I was fine and symptom free! My ulcerative colitis is also gone as well as headaches that I had at least 3 days a week for years. I can’t remember the last time I took tylenol!

If this physician did not know to look at these root canals, I would still be on steroids and chemotherapy drugs. Those themselves would kill me.

Thank you Dr. Mercola for researching and posting this information for everyone!!

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