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Abilities Expo events coordinator supports the mission of yogic-tools for chronic & critical illness


Hi Guruatma!

I really love what you are doing.  The Yogic Tools for Chronic & Critical Illness are excellent. Really lovely.

Reading over it made me feel like you give people the permission to be where they are in a process, and to feel okay about it.
Plus to see a positive way to go in what is happening to them.
I wish I could fly you around the country to teach people!
I will continue to spread your good word whenever I can.

Sarah Galbraith Laucks, CMP  Education and Events  Abilities Expo

i’m over-joyed and grateful to receive this positive feedback and support from Sarah Galbraith of Abilities Expo – a huge and trusted, world-wide source where people with disabilities, their families, seniors, vets, caregivers and healthcare professionals gain knowledge and empowerment.  For more than 30 years, Abilities Expo has also provided an excellent forum for companies with disability products and services to reach out and enhance the lives of this Community.

the expo comes to Reliant Center here in Houston every year and i was given the opportunity to lead a guided meditation in 2010 and 2011.  this year’s dates are August 2-4th and i’ve been invited back to give a talk

after my presentations, i wander up and down the isles of that humungous convention hall and learned so much about all sorts of programs and provisions that address all the different kinds of  challenges we “handicapped” people encounter

i met so many inspiring people and had countless ***AHA*** moments, taking it all in – so many creative and good ideas!

i was especially impressed with all the vehicles parked on the floor showing all the different adaptive devices available to help handicapped people be able to drive (yeah!!!) and i found out that there’s equestrian and sailing organizations that would take ME for a ride, free of charge!

freedom and being able to have fun are so important!

the Abilities Expo offers new worlds, full of options for us to

have a good life


check out their website at


Guruatma serves as a mentor for those who suffer from chronic or critical illness, as well as their family members. To inquire about or schedule a one-on-one session, click here:


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