Guruatma K Khalsa

healing from the inside out

Autoimmune Disease Survivor

Chair Yoga Instructor for Seniors & for People Challenged with Disabilities 

Health & Wellness Advisor 

Director – Yogic-Tools

When a chronic critical illness strikes, the effects on a person’s life are not just physical, but emotional, mental, spiritual and energetic, as well. Chronic and critical illnesses bring profound challenges into a person’s world. However, they also offer the opportunity for deep, personal transformation.

Guruatma K Khalsa has spent much of her life personally dealing with chronic and critical illness. Her program distills her experience into Six Stages of Healing that address the cha


TEACHchairyogaGuruatma also specializes in Chair Yoga and has designed her classes to empower, invigorate and support the experience that truly !! ANY BODY CAN DO YOGA !! more about chair yoga

Guruatma featured as a favorite teacher guruatma

The 3ho organization asked the community to voice who their favorite teachers are – Guruatma is right on top! click for more

Guruatma’s Chair Yoga Classes were well attended at the

Hearing Loss Convention ofIMG_0856 America

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“I wish I could bring …(Guruatma) home in my purse.” ~HLA participant

anyBODY can do yoga!


TV Interview:  Guruatma talked with Ana Calvo in a No Barriers’ TV Interview on the topic of Adaptive Exercise on HCCTV (aired Feb 2014-watch the video!). Guruatma talked with Ana about yoga and its benefits, how she believes if you’re breathing you can do yoga and described how….AnyBODY can do Yoga! Guruatma demonstrated how yogic exercises can be modified for people with a disability and answered questions about her own journey. She also shared about her Chair Yoga Class in Houston and her upcoming book Chronic & Critical Illness, Healing from the inside out. WATCH THE VIDEO! : Ana Calvo with Guruatma K Khalsa – HCC ‘No Barriers’ TV Program Interview 1-27-14

What does YOGIC mean?: YOGA means going beyond that which limits you, exploring and EXPERIENCING infinite options.  “The ultimate goal in all forms of yoga, though yoga is not a religion, is to unite one with their real purpose in life.”  John Coon

Intro to Guruatma’s Blog: Through my blog, i am sharing my 60 years of experience, and the tools for self-management which lifted me out of this seemingly-hopeless ‘jungle of my own‘. As a child, i was plagued by serious environmental allergies and herpes simplex (terrible canker sores).  by the time i got to college, the first manifestation of the very rare disease i am challenged by, Relapsing Polychondritis, ate the nose off my face! – my body attacks its own cartilage … read more

Most Recent Guest Blog Post : “…a pool of solutions and suggestions…” for hospitalization during the recovery process in a critical illness : Hana B I enjoy the freedom of walking freely on this earth. It was not so four years ago, when I had a devastating accident in which a truck hit me on the driver’s side of my own truck, breaking my hip, pelvis and femur and in five places.… read more

Most Recent Blog Post from Guruatma:  Cochlear Implant Support Group Jumps me over 2 Hurdles  YEAH YEAH YEAH for read more

More about The Six Stages of Healing : 

In Guruatma’s program, each stage is shared as an embodiment of guiding wisdom and positive affirmation to help face a particular aspect of the journey through chronic and critical illness. Not everyone will experience all of these stages, nor walk them in a particular order, but each one offers hard-won pearls of wisdom from Guruatma’s own personal story.

With each Stage of Healing, Guruatma offers realistic advice, practical resources and yogic tools to help you develop the skills to manage and cope with the issues at hand. These resources and tools will help guide and support the journey of your body, mind and soul through chronic and critical illness Work directly with Guruatma


Guruatma has been a featured speaker for 3 years at the Houston Abilities Expo

Her 2013 presentation was:

Moving Through The Medical System: how to get what you need from the doctor’s office 

When you are challenged with a chronic or critical illness, it becomes your job to take care of yourself. Part of that self care is learning how to get the most out of your doctor appointments. Guruatma Khalsa has spent much of her adult life dealing with a rare and severe autoimmune disease. She shares tools she has developed over the years to become the best manager of her own health care. In addition, she gives insights and tips about how to respectfully and effectively interact with your doctors and nurses, medical personnel and the office staff. Whether you are an occasional visitor to the doctor or have ongoing medical issues, Guruatma offers a valuable and empowering perspective.

Listen to a talk Guruatma gave to her Chair Yoga class on the topic of How to Promote Yourself Through the Medical System.

Coming up in June : Guruatma will be teaching Chair Yoga at the National Hearing Loss Assn Convention in Austin.

Coming soon : Guruatma’s New Book!


Healing from the Inside Out

Guruatma tells the inspiring story of battling it out for 37 years

with a very rare and relapsing autoimmune disease,

and the path she followed to find her true Self and attain physical recovery,

happiness and peace within.

Medical Disclaimer



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